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Humex is devoted to provide the automotive, industrial, transport and mining industries with products that are unique and adequate for their needs. Our products are either locally manufactured or imported from several manufacturing nations including Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and the USA. From the manufacturing plant, right through to the after sales service to the customer, our support is guaranteed. We are passionate about the quality, capabilities and innovation of our product range and enjoy working with dealers to fi nd an intelligent solution to their customers' needs. We feel that this is just the beginning.

Humex's philosophy is to develop prime market areas to ensure there is local service for customers and suffi cient opportunity for each reseller.

Our Mission Statement

To source and distribute turnkey solutions for the automotive, industrial and mining sectors.

Our Vision

To provide unparalleled support to our team, dealers, customers and suppliers.

Our Values

We rely on the loyalty and honesty of all involved in this network so that our relationships can be maintained with integrity

Our innovative approach stems from the fact that we strive not to be seen as just another importer and distributor. Humex's intelligent solutions begin with the innovation of our product range. Every product has a unique feature that distinguishes it from others in its fi eld. But this innovation isn't only found in our products: it is also in our service and support.

Distribution plays an integral role in the day-to-day activities here at Humex. We understand the importance of having the right stock at the right time. From the manufacturer's floor to our warehouse, we are in control of our products. We do not rely on any independentwarehousing operation, but rather handle everything internally to ensure we can deliver premium quality at every opportunity.

This training is always ongoing but it's simple: our dealers make investments by putting stock on their shelves, so we offer the right training for them to understand our products. Humex believes that confi dence with any product only comes with strong background knowledge - you can only sell what you know. We build this knowledge by spending time with our dealers in the fi eld, at workshops and training seminars.

With almost half a century of combined experience in the industry, Humex is able to offer consistent support at all levels. Comprehensive product manuals, web support and our phone parts interpretation service are only the beginning of our exceptional technical support. In fact we have a unique support guarantee. That is, we empower our dealers to provide a onsite visit to their clients to diagnose an appropriate solution between 0.5 and 24 hours of logging an enquiry.

Our observations show that most distributors limit their role to importing and distribution.Marketing to the end-user is left to the dealers, creating an unnecessary burden and resulting in missed opportunities for co-operative marketing efforts. We see it differently, and have long ago proven the power of working closely with our dealers to actively and consistently market our products. This approach works to the benefi t of all.

Here at Humex we have developed systems that work. We have proved that sales aids and unparalleled service in the field = Sales. This is only the beginning of our support. In addition, our referral program is designed to capture any sales prospects within the assigned prime market areas so that we are able to qualify and pass them to our dealer responsible for that area. We have established other sales strategies that we share with our dealers, including our target setting initiative and closing methods.