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The Humex range includes over 5000 standard replacement parts including Engine Pipes, Muffler Assemblies, Connector Pipes and Tailpipes and covers 90% of the Australian car park. The Humex product utilises a unique double seam, opposite lock manufacturing process for greater strength, durablity and longevity. These products are carefully tuned and adapted to the relevant vehicle design and engine specification.
  The Humex Silencer Advantage
  • Harmonious adaption of the system to engine characteristics
  • Precision in processing, inside and outside.
  • Selection, quality and strength of materials used.
  • Fitting accuracy of the connections
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Long term effective silencing and exhaust emission control
Humex European Exhausts import and distribute a large range of premium exhausts for the European vehicle market segment. Each Humex European Exhaust component is manufactured from premium grade materials, and is manufactured by equipment which is second to none. Robotic jigwork, assembly and welding procedures produce the following:
  The Humex Silencer Advantage
  • Longevity and Durability
  • Regulation Emission and noise levels
  • Self cleaning technology
  • Assisting fuel effi ciency
  • Complementing engine performance and output
  • OEM quality pressed barrels
  • OEM quality fi tment and bracketry
Proven Performance - The Humex performacne exhuasts are put through stringent dynometer and sound meter testing to ensure that each application performs and meets emission and noise limits while providing maximum torque and power increases. 4x4 Performance Exhausts - Producing up to 20% Power Increases and 15% Fuel Savings.

European Performance - Elegant styling and Superior Performance and note.

Cat Back Bolt on Systems for Australian and Japanese vehicle applications - Easy Installation, Affordable and Great sounding.
Stainless Cannons - The quiter more durable cannon with deep note.

Extractors - Mild and Stainless options for Street and Race applications.
The Humex Heavy Duty business concept is to develop, manufacture and distribute completeexhausts systems and emmission technologies for commercial vehicles and industrial machinery.

Humex are able to supply complete exhaust systems from turbo/manifold to tailpipe for trucks,
buses, mining, agricultural, marine and industrial machines. In addition Humex offers a variety of emission technology products for this range of applications.

The compentencies of Humex include all processes of development, manufacturing and distribution. Development is based on space envelope
requirements or specifi c customer drawings

Our componentry product range is extensive and covers over 2500 parts - from Super stacks, Diesel purifi ers and particulate fi lters, muffl ers, clamps, fl exible tubing to adaptors and straight tubing of all sizes.
The range of Humex Eurocats covers over 1000 references and is currently the leading Australasianimporter, manufacturer and distributor of replacement catalytic converters.

Fitting a Humex Eurocat not only assures compliance with legislation, but also provides reassurance that the product is OBD (on board diagnostic) compatible, with emission characteristics closely matching those of original equipment. This avoids any risk of the OBD triggering a malfunction indicator light on the vehicle dash - a common
occurence with non approved catalytic converters containing little or none of the precious metals required for the conversion of harmful emissions. Humex Eurocat also provides an environmental anti-pollution solution for diesel engines with its diesel particulate fi lter (DPF). Designed for use on cars and light commercials, the DPF can immediately improve the quality of the exhaust gases from these vehicles - reducing by more than 90% harmful unburnt hydrocarbon particles (HC) and carbon oxide (CO) emissions. When enhanced by the use of of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process, a technology employed by Humex Euro DPF's to reduce Nox emissions, the DPF technology is capable of reducing the regulated diesel emissions (CO2, HC, MP and Nox) to levels lower than those recommended by the Euro V standard.

Humex Euro also produce a range of high performance catalysts for street and track applications.
Humex stock and distribute a wide range of accessories to enable ease of fi tment and the enhancement of our exhaust systems. These products include the following:

Chrome and Stainless Tips - These come in universal and direct fit applications and add the finishing touch to the exhaust system as well as enhancing the vehicles appearance.

Flanges - Humex carry a range of flanges to suit most universal and direct fit applications.
Oxygen Sensors - The Humex range of Oxygen senors uses the latest design and manufacturing processes to provide accurate emissions regulation for most production cars. The sensors are fully interchangeable with original equipment.

Gaskets and Rubbers - These accessories are vital to replace when fi tting a new exhaust system to ensure that the application fi ts, hangs and seals correctly therefore ensuring longevity of the exhaust system.
Mandrel Bends - Humex stock all sizes in Mild steel, Aluminized Steel and Stainless Steel in various degress and lengths.

Flexible Bellows - These products have become vital for longevity of diesel and some petrol applications and Humex stock a range of durable double braided stainless steel fl exible bellows for automotive and industrial applications.