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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different?

WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS, does that make you feel comfortable? If not let us know at info@windsorwholesale.com.au

Seriously, we are an experienced business that's been servicing this fabulous industry for more than 15 years, if in fact if you add up all the years our management team has been servicing the industry it comes to nearly 100 years!

Well would you believe 80 years!

Perhaps itís more like 60, but still thatís loads of experience, especially for people who are so very young.

These are some of the things weíve learnt over the years:

- We understand your order & time is important, our aim is to process every order within 24 hours of receiving it

- The customer is always right except when they are wrong!

- If you leave us a message, send us an email, shoot us an SMS, write us some snail-mail or fax we will respond!

- We will provide you with the best quality money can buy, if youíre not satisfied, we mean in a business sense, tell us!


Oh yeah, we also have the largest range of Adult Magazines & Adult Toys in Australia and New Zealand. What more could you want? Let us know info@windsorwholesale.com.au

Our friendly and mostly happy staff are looking forward to you contacting them, they are a bundle of information and a bit silly.

Sue Peran

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